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Living house, two family houses with 4 apartments


Family house has been built in the village Nerezine ,Island of Mali Lošinj. Quiet location surrounded by greenery in an area of family housings. Distance of the sea is 150m.

Shape and size of building lot

Lot size is 632 m². The building is constructed as a family house with four apartments. The ground floor of the building contains two apartments.

Flat no. 1 consists of a hall, pantry, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet and terrace. Neto floor area 76,83 m²

Flat no. 2 consists of a bathroom, two bedrooms, living room and pantry.Neto floor area is 53.18 m².

Flats no. 3 and 4 on the first floor are sold.

All apartments are fully finished with a certificate of occupancy.

Form of the structure

The building has direct access to public traffic areas. Part of the field plots is intended to accommodate vehicles. There are eight parking places. Conections to the utility infrastructure are placed and functional, without being directly visible from the street. Electric network is constructed for each apartment separately. The building is connected to the water supply network and to each apartment individually. Building has been built in accordance with the standards for construction and thermal insulation of external walls covered with thermal facade.

Construction of the structure

The building will be constructed of insulating brick, concrete floors, concrete roof with a Mediterranean tile roof, Thermal insulation facade. Internal walls plastered and painted. Parquet floors or ceramic tiles with hydro and thermal insulation. high quality Joinery with shutters.

Installation and surroundings

Heating is designed individually for each apartment, air-conditioning positions are provided, surrounds are lighted, main entrance automated and video surveillance is included. Building surroundings are decorated with natural materials(stone), in accordance with authentic style, lot is surrounded by a low wall and fence. Environments planted with vegetation appropriate for this climate .


Low ground flat, area 76,83 m² + terrace, fully completed 185.000.- €

Low ground flat, area 53,18 m² + terrace, fully completed 135.000.- €



A finished object is considered to be a fully furnished house inside and outside. If the buyer chooses exclusive items of ceramics, sanitary

facilities or parquet, the difference in cost of materials will also be calculated.